How do I participate, when corporate does their own thing?

Decorating Den Claudia of Naples Blog

Claudia and Joe Leah, owners of Decorating Den in Naples, wanted to take advantage of the power of social media marketing. As a franchise owner, they had a corporate website, but they also needed to create their own identity and market themselves on a personal level using social media.

The task was to create their identity, integrate social media in their web presence, and monitor their progress to continuously improve the performance of their web based marketing.

The goal was to capture the higher end look of Naples, keep the look consistent with the company website, and develop a platform that is easy to edit and add content to build searchability for search engine optimization.

A self hosted Word Press blog on Go Daddy was created as well as a template that utilized sharing on most social media platforms to make it easy for their visitors to share their information on their favorite social media outlets. We also added the live feed from Facebook to be in their web blog so it would welcome guests and show how many of their friends “Like” her page.

decdenclaudia facebook page

Decorating Den Claudia Facebook Page

The Facebook business page and Constant Contact  newsletter template were branded with the same style as their web blog. The hot buttons will go directly to the Web Blog, as well as sign people up for their newsletter.

We added a plug-in to the Facebook Page that would automatically add posts from the blog and post to the wall on Facebook. In addition, we created a feed called Wallpaper on the left navigation bar of Facebook that will gather all of her information from all platforms and nicely display all of her posts to give the viewer an easy read, and easy to find information.

Google Analytics were applied to the blog site, and  Facebook insights showed she had generated 1,229 post views from her

decdenclaudia facebook message views.

Stats on Facebook Posts

Facebook Page in the last 30 days. We looked to see what types of posts generate the most feed back, and which ones get the furthest reach.  See the example.

To ensure success, we established a Facebook Strategy guide geared to their business, as well as a blog calendar, to ensure completion of the blogs in a timely manner and with the thought of search engine optimization. All three are on the first page of searches in the first month. Claudia at Decorating Den is well on their way to success if they continue in that direction. Find out more at


About socialimpactblog is a Naples Florida based Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing firm that specializes in great content and integration of all media platforms to improve search rankings, provide very sharable content, and help businesses to create the "talk of the town" through "word of mouth advertising." Services include Web design on all electronic platforms.
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