What to do with cute and cuddly?

The task at hand was to create an online world for Big Cypress Animal Clinic. Their strengths were long term clients, cuddly pets, a great kennel, and of course, a great history of animal care.

It was easy to see they had built a very close relationship with their clientele, so we built their web presence on that as well as a University of Florida color theme.

Big Cypress Animal Clinic

Big Cypress Animal Clinic Website

First, we created a basic website. On the top of the front page we created a photo gallery for bragging rights for their customers. That photo gallery links to a blog where people can submit their own pet pictures. The website itself is only one page, and all of the links were created to go to the blog so that it would be as easy as a Word document to edit the pages.

Time was a factor for Big Cypress Animal Clinic, so we created the blog site to automatically post to the Facebook page, and store all of their posts on Facebook, since that is the area that gets the most traffic.

We created a Facebook business page  that has a Welcome page that looks just like their front page of the website, along with

Big Cypress Animal Clinic Facebook Welcome Page

Big Cypress Animal Clinic Facebook Welcome Page

areas to sign up for their monthly e-newsletter. The newsletter is branded to match the website as well. It hit well, as from May 27 to June 12, we generated 2,433 post views, and 20 Feedbacks, all from only 40 “Likes” that had been acquired in a 30 day start-up.

In addition, the doctor has a pet television show, so we needed a place to host his videos. We created a You Tube channel for them that can entertain, educate, and be a resource for the future.

To ensure long term success, and a solid plan of action, we created a Blog Promotional Calendar that will tie all of their marketing efforts together in a unified plan.  Our next step is to develop QR Codes for all of their printed material.  Each QR Code will take the client to the specific page on Big Cypress’ website that pertains to the information on the printed material.


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