I am a Brick and Mortar Store. Why should I be concerned about maximizing my internet presence and utilizing Social Media in my marketing mix?

Good question, and here is the answer. A recent article in Media Post talks about how online shoppers follow stores through Social Media. While the article speaks directly to e-commerce, there are some very interesting implications that you can see between the lines for the traditional brick and mortar store. As I am most familiar with the statistics of Collier County Florida I will use those numbers to emphasize my point. If you know the population of your area, you will easily be able to do the analysis for your area.

First, there are approximately 300,000 permanent, year round residents in Collier County, so in our instance here, we will just consider our visitors, of which we have a lot, icing for our cake. According to Facebook, as of February of 2011 there were 180,000 registered Facebook users within 50 miles of Naples, which would roughly correspond to Collier County.

According to the National Retail Federation, 42% of those who shop on line say that they at least occasionally “follow” a store on social media. Facebook says that over 56% of their users have clicked through to a retail site. So, here is the first piece. 56% of 180,000 equals 100,800 Facebook online shoppers in Collier County. Now we take 42% of the 100,800 to determine how many of these online Facebook shoppers follow a store. That comes out to 42,336 people who shop on line, are permanent residents of Collier County follow at least one store through social media.

Oh yes, you say, but these people will be buying online, so how does that effect my brick and mortar business? Well the study also found that, “these consumers are open to skipping stores’ sites entirely, with 35% saying they would be willing to make a purchase directly from Facebook.” Wait a minute. If 35% of them said they would make an online purchase, that means that 65% of them will be going to a brick and mortar business to make the purchase. That means that 42,336 X 65% = 27,518 of these Facebook users would rather buy from a local brick and mortar such as yourself.

What would you do with 27,518 customers? Are they worth pursuing? Is it at least worth finding out how best to reach them? Give us a call. We can help.


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Social-Impact.com is a Naples Florida based Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing firm that specializes in great content and integration of all media platforms to improve search rankings, provide very sharable content, and help businesses to create the "talk of the town" through "word of mouth advertising." Services include Web design on all electronic platforms.
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