How Do I Make That “Stuff” Work?

We spend a great deal of time discussing topics of online marketing: an online presence, integration of a Facebook business page, a website, blog site, electronic newsletters, etc.

The usual response? “I set up a Facebook account, or I just updated my website.” Of course, we say, “Great, let’s see how it’s working for you.”

Confused Cat On Online Marketing

Confused With ONline Marketing?

We’ll ask for statistics, look for how each online platform is generating traffic and response to each other. Most of this stuff is free, but we usually have to show them how to log into their account, and find the data and analyze it to show what their web presence is doing for them.

Their eyes generally get a little more serious, then they get a little bigger as we show them these free tools, and how their online world is performing. Usually, we demonstrate that their Facebook page is waaay under performing.  We show our own statistics, and the reach we are getting doing boring business to business stuff – usually with fewer “likes” and a shorter time frame to gather steam.

Next, we show them a strategy they can use to make their Facebook, blog (news) site, and their You Tube accounts all work together to assist them in generating traffic, and create a message that will cause people to share that message to reach way beyond their expectations.

What most businesses are missing is a strategy to make it all work. They’ve invested in some good tools, and those tools are largely under utilized.

Businesses get caught up in the “stuff” of their business, and forget the old age value of showing a benefit. Features don’t sell, the features tell the how. We look through their website and see that almost their entire content is filled with features.

How do you find that benefit to emphasize? It’s pretty easy, really. That benefit is provided by a customer who recently purchased their goods or services. What did they say when they made the purchase? What need were they trying to fill? That is the message to capture.

Capture it on video for You Tube, write a solution for the blog site, share both on the social media platforms. When people are telling the story of benefits, the “word of mouth” advertising takes care of itself.


About socialimpactblog is a Naples Florida based Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing firm that specializes in great content and integration of all media platforms to improve search rankings, provide very sharable content, and help businesses to create the "talk of the town" through "word of mouth advertising." Services include Web design on all electronic platforms.
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